The Eye of Minds

       The Teen Book Group  at SPL meets on Wednesdays after school.  Our next book, suggested by sixth-grader Kerry, is The Eye of  Minds.  Written by James Dashner, the author of the popular Maze Runner series, The Eye of Minds is is a scary dystopian sci-fi.  It's the story of Michael, a gamer who, like most hackers and gamers, spends more time on the VirtNet than in the actual world.  The VirtNet offers total mind and body immersion and is addictive. Anyone can hang around in the VirtNet or play life-risking games with no real chance  of death. But technology can be dangerous to fool with, and one gamer is holding players hostage inside the VirNet with horrific results: the hostages are all declared brain-dead.  The government wants to catch this hacker and  needs Michael's help.  But the risk is enormous.


     As the line between game and reality gets increasingly blurred, you will be on the edge of your seat with your heart pounding!



                                           Join us on Wednesdays in December.  All mddle schoolers welcome!

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