So what the heck is the Society for Creative Anachronism anyway?!

And what will they be doing at the Teen Program at the Library on July 29th?

The Society for Creative Anarchronism is a worldwide living history group that recreates what life was like in the Middle Ages.  The groups dress up in costumes, have tournaments and jousts, and practice crafts from centuries ago. 

We are fortunate to have a group located in southern Maine, and really fortunate that they are excited to come and spend an evening showing off some combat skills (think armor and costumes) and some craft skills.  We'll all get to make a drop spindle...a way to spin yarn by hand.


How cool is that?


Stop by the library and sign up to reserve a spot in this program, or call the Youth Services room at 883-4723, option 3.

And don't forget the other great Teen Programs this summer.  We'll watch a movie, Sky High," make homemade ice cream and bouncy balls, learn some fun drawing techniques, and even make catapults to throw marshmellows!

Happy reading,


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