Raising Media Smart Elementary Children

Survey LinkThe library has teamed up with the Scarborough Public Schools to teach important digital literacy skills to all ages within our community.  We're starting with elementary school children, who are at a critical age for developing smart media habits.  To this end, we're offerering a collaborative event on May 11th at the Wentworth School for both parents and their children.  The evening will be filled with fun activities to help children (ages K-5) use media wisely.

To prepare for this event, we're encouraging parents to sit with their child(ren) and take our anonymous online survey which explores the many facets and challenges we all face with digital media.  Not only will your answers provide us with data for planning, but we think the questions alone will spark discussion and improve awareness of the many pitfalls (and opportunities) that online media provides.

After taking the survey, please browse the topics below to learn more ... and don't forget to join us at Wentworth on May 11th at 6:00!

We rely on the content and services provided by Common Sense, a non-profit organization dedicated to "helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology." 

While balanced and well-researched, the information they provide can quickly become overwhelming.  In preparation for our upcoming event, we suggest you focus on two areas of their website highlighted here: Parent Concerns and Essential School Tools.

Link to Essential School Tools section of Common Sense website

This is a well constructed guide to "teacher-approved" apps, games, and websites. 

The content is grouped by grades Pre-K through 5th, with the recommended "tools" matching the skills taught at each grade level.