Policy for Use of Community Information Area

Policy Statement

The Library encourages the display of informational bulletins, brochures and posters regarding area educational, cultural and civic events of interest to the community. The Community Information Area includes bulletin boards, brochure racks and bins.

General Guidelines:

The Library staff will place, post and remove all materials in this area.

Materials will be accepted on a space available basis using the following priorities:

  1. Notices of Library programs, events, activities and services,
  2. Notices of community interest from organizations with a Scarborough affiliation,
  3. Notices of cultural, educational or recreational topics of interest to the community.

Display or posting of information does not imply library endorsement.

The Library reserves the right to remove any material from the Community Information Area at any time and for any reason.

Materials having no specific date may be displayed for a reasonable length of time asdetermined by the library according to space available.

The library will not be responsible for returning materials.

Information regarding contests or solicitations, notices of merchandise for sale, notices of sales or auctions may not be displayed unless event or sale is for the benefit of a local non-profit organization. No in-person solicitations are permitted.

Bulletin Boards:

Items to be displayed should be of a reasonable size, preferably no larger than 12”x18” and must meet acceptable standards as determined by the library.

Religious events sponsored by local denominational groups may be displayed.

Informational or political events may be displayed. No campaign materials or petitions will be permitted.

Informational or educational events and workshops sponsored by any profit-making organization may be displayed on a space available basis as determined by the library.

The library staff will remove multiple postings.

As an informational service, notices for Scarborough-based services such as childcare may be posted on a space-available basis as determined by the library. This posting is not an endorsement of the service.

Brochure racks and bins:

Materials from any educational, cultural, or civic group may be displayed.

Multiple copies of an item will be accepted on a space available basis.

Groups may be restricted in the number of different items on display


Adopted 04/15/99