Sweet Tweets @ the Library!

Happy National Poetry Month!

      A dozen teens participated in Poetry Workshops at the library during April.  They created great Book Spine poems, 



clever Six-Word Memoirs (describe your life in 6 words),


"Art is dreams put to paper."

and eloquent Poetry Tweets (poems no longer than 140 characters, like a tweet on Twitter). 

Back and forth 
my paintbrush goes
like the waves
on the beach shore
clearing my thoughts
erasing my worries
my escape from reality

     This year the young poets had the opportunity to illustrate their poems, if they wanted, either with photographs or drawings.  The results were fabulous! 


      A couple of poets shared longer works they had written.  The audience was impressed with their creativity.  

      I am already looking forward to the third annual Sweet Tweets next April when National Poetry Month comes around again!

Here’s a challenge: write YOUR Six-Word Memoir.  I’d love to hear it.

Happy writing …and writing,