"Writes Of Summer" Writing Contest!

Do you like to write stories or poems? 

This year, the Scarborough Public Library is having a writing contest, "Writes of Summer".  

There are three age categories: entering grades 3-5; entering grades 6-8; and entering grades 9-12. 

You can write a poem, a short story, or some non-fiction.  Only original work that has not been published elsewhere is accepted.  So, we don’t want something that you handed in at school that was corrected by your teacher!  And, no fan fiction (fiction written by fans of a book series, TV series, movie, etc. using existing characters and situations to develop new plots).

Poems can be up to 25 lines long.  Fiction and non-fiction are up to 1000 words (or less!) for grades 6-8. And spelling and punctuation do count!! 

Typed, double-spaced, 12 point font….all the directions are on the www.scarboroughlibrary.org

website! You’ll find the Contest Submission Form there, too.

I know we have some great writers.  Great writers become great by reading.  And so many of you are avid readers! 

Submissions are due by August 1st. 

Have fun writing. I look forward to reading some great writing from budding authors!