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Frequently Challenged books

        One of the squares on the Lucky 10 Challenge in the Teen Reading Log asks that you read a challenged book. I bet you will be surprised to know that you have probably read many challenged books, as picture books are challenged, too  

The Wednesday evening fun continues with more great Teen Programs at the Scarborough Public Library!

       We had a great time learning all about Forensics with Officers Nelsen, Weed and Landry. We dusted soda bottles for fingerprints, used oblique lighting to find footprints and swabbed blood for DNA samples.  Each participant got a mask, gloves and booties, just like those worn by real detectives.

       A huge THANK YOU to the three officers who so willingly gave their time to our teens!

      Here are some pictures of the evening.

Our Box City!

       A group of teens had a blast last Wednesday night at our first Teen Program of the summer: Let’s Build a Box City!  

"That was the best Friday night ever!"

       That was an enthusiastic remark overheard at the end of last Friday night’s Teen LockDown!  Nearly 40 kids had a blast with the quiz show, karaoke, wii, arts and crafts, Twister, bean bag toss, book dominoes, snacks and more.

We ended the night with a flash mob of the Cupid Shuffle!  Too  fun.