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Teen Quiz Show @ the Library

         If you visited the library last Tuesday, April 29th, you saw and heard the happy voices of 22 middle and high schoolers who participated in a Teen Quiz Show.  Designed, planned and run by the Teen Advisory Board, this event was a great success.  Two rounds of questions were held, with two teams participating in each round. The questions were about books, movies, music and video games.

    Can you answer some of the questions?

Manga Workshop with Jay Piscopo a Huge Success!

        Nearly thirty middle and high school students were enraptured by comic artist Jay Piscopo’s Comic Workshop held at the Scarborough Library on March 12th. Many members of Scarborough High School’s Anime Club came. The creator of Capt’n Eli and other characters showed aspiring artists how to use different basic shapes to convey emotions. 


      In Maine in January we think a lot about SNOW!  Here are some books you can find in the Youth Services Room at the Scarborough Public Library that touch on snow.

After the Snow  by  S. D.Crockett

Every December...

          Every December I re-read out loud Dylan Thomas’s famous story, A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Using beautiful language, the author describes a young Welsh boy’s memories of Christmas, with mounds of snow, aunts and uncles, red-nosed postmen, and of course presents.  The holiday season wouldn’t feel as special to me if I didn’t read this book each December.

Battle of the Books!

The Youth Services staff and TAB, the Teen Advisory Board, have put together a Battle of the Books!  Between November  25th and March 22, 2014, read either six dystopian novels or six anime books (or read all 12, if you want!). 

The six dystopian novels selected to do battle are:

Hunger Games

Maze Runner: another post-apocalyptic book series becomes a movie

       Maze Runner, the dystopian novel by James Dasher, is headed for the big screen with a movie opening on February 14th.  Maze Runner is the first book in a series (of course; every book seems to be part of a series now!) and is followed by The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and  a prequel, The Kill Order.