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Poetry Tweets!

         As we wrap up April and National Poetry Month, I wanted to share the great poetry tweets that the kids who participated in the poetry workshops created.  When they shared these with family and friends in an evening presentation at the library, the audience enthusiastically snapped their fingers (applause at a poetry slam is not clapping but snapping!). 

People are like snowflakes.  Not one of them is the same.  So never, ever, ever let the world change you.  How about you change the world?          Zoe

Six-Word Memoirs!

          I hope you enjoyed seeing the Book Spine Poems in the last blog post.  I want to share with you the second creative writing we worked on in the Sweet Tweets Poetry workshops: Six-Word Memoirs.  You can find lots more examples of these online, too. The idea is  to say something about yourself in exactly six words. 
Clicks.  Popular.  Mean.  Not for me.   (Sarah)

Without Lego, life has no meaning.   (Max)

Disney is my life and future.     (Dyllan)


         We hear so much about the cruelty of bullying.  There are many helpful books that explore this important topic.  Here are two which pair nicely together and which I think are really good.

Bystander by James Preller

Sweet Tweets @ the Library!

April is National Poetry Month and we are ready to celebrate! 

I will offer two poetry workshops after school on March 27th and April 3rd, from 3:00-4:00.   Our goal is to write Poetry Tweets---creating a short poem using 140 characters of less (think Twitter!).

The United States of YA

         I bumped into this really cool graphic at  http://www.epicreads.com/blog/the-united-states-of-ya/

         And the creators of the website give permission for anyone to re-post the map or to print it!    

         Epic Reads has selected one book for each state.  How many have you read?  I’ve read 15 of the books, and need to read more!  

Let’s Hear It For Nonfiction!

        I read mostly fiction, but am beginning to realize all the great nonfiction books that I am missing.  Narrative nonfiction (nonfiction that tells a story) is every bit as exciting and engaging as fiction,--and has lots of good information. 

       Try pairing a fiction book you like with a nonfiction book on the same subject.  The pairing will make your reading experience of both fiction and nonfiction richer.

       Here is a pair I think you would like.

The Green Glass Sea by  Ellen Klages (fiction)

It's Awards Season!

          And I’m not just talking about the Academy Awards for movies!  It’s also the time of year when the Best Books lists for 2012 are published.
          The Printz Award is given each year for excellence in literature written for young adults. 

Skyping with Chris Grabenstein!

          After reading The Crossroads, the Bookworms had a great time skyping with the author. 

         Chris is smart and funny.  He loved answering questions about his books and his life.  One question was, “Who would star you in a movie of your life?”  He showed us his writing studio and gave some great tips for young writers to follow. He just co-authored a best-selling novel, I, Funny, with James Patterson.