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Janet's Book Group: The Wolf Keepers by Elise Broach

Hi Everyone,
Our next book will be The Wolf Keepers by Elise Broach.

"Twelve-year-old Lizzie Durango lives in a zoo, spending her days taking note of the animals' behaviors. Then she meets runaway Tyler Briggs and together they investigate the wolves who are suddenly dying."


Family Storytime

Storytime for children ages 3 and up (though younger siblings are welcome) is now held on Wednesday mornings at 10:30am.

Some books we have shared:

Could a dragon be the perfect pet? Find out in David LaRochelle's The Best Pet of All.

Author Profile: Steve Sheinkin

One aspect of the Common Core Standards, adopted in 2011, has students in all grades reading more nonfiction. That's great, in my opinion, because I really like reading books of information.

Tommy: the gun that changed America by Karen Blumenthal

You will often see nonfiction -- informational books -- recommended by me here on this blog. I really do love reading books that give me a glimpse into our past, something about science, poetry, cooking or just about anything. Finding a well-written, interesting, and well-designed book of nonfiction, now that is the challenge.

Cynthia Lord does it again!

Cynthia Lord is a Maine treasure and don't you let anyone tell you different. Lord's talent lies in her ability to tell a good tale. One of her most-read titles is Rules. Catherine is twelve years old. She longs for friends and a normal existence, but finds life frustrating with an autistic brother. Her feelings become complicated when Catherine develops a close friendship with a young paraplegic.

Janet's Book Group

If you could have a superpower real or imagined, what would it be? This is just one of the questions that were discussed at our first book group meeting on Friday, July 10th. We are reading a terrific book called Savvy by Ingrid Law.

Hazy, hot and humid.

The sultry days of summer are upon us. When it is too hot to play or do any work, my favorite pastime is watching ants. Really! I find ants endlessly fascinating.

This year, for some reason ants have taken over my yard. I call it, "The Ant Subdivision." I can spend hours watching them rebuild their mounds, carry food and plant matter into their nests. Every once in awhile I'll see them dragging the body of another insect and then the bodies of their fallen comrades. I imagine the dead are a result of some battle that happened on another part of the yard, far from my curious eyes.

Summer Reading Program is coming...

It is hard to imagine summer vacation is just around the corner. Sun, beach, walks, picnics in the park, star gazing and more. What better way to spend the days than playing, reading, and watching movies. Marilyn, Mrs. Follis, and I have been visiting the schools promoting summer reading these past three weeks. We've had many excited students eager to sign up and begin recording what they've read during the summer. Sign up beginis Monday, June 15, 2015.