Beachcombing 101

Did you know that there are some people who have never seen the ocean? Hard to believe, but it is true. We are super lucky here in Scarborough, because we are so close to the Atlantic Ocean. For some, the water is just a few steps away from their home! Now that the weather is warmer, the sun is out shining so bright, folks are starting to spend more time outside. I notice more and more cars are parked in the beach parking lot, which means warm weather = beach time.

Let me recommend a few great books to share after you come home from a day at the seashore.

Looking Closely Along the Shore by Frank Serafini is a fun guessing game. Look at the small image and along with the clever word hints, can you guess what it is? You'll see sand dollars, starfish, and more in these full-color, close-up photographs that are perfect to spark your child's imagination.

Though aimed at warmer climates, author/illustrator Jim Arnosky offers a colorful guide as to what you might see at the seashore in Beachcombing: Exploring the Seashore. Arnosky is well known for his books about nature. This one is a mini field guide of what you might see that lives on or near the water's edge. Included are detailed, colorful illustrations to help you identify shells, coral, crabs, birds, and more.

Another habitat that Scarborough is lucky to have is the Salt Marsh. To the Sokokis Indians, the area we call the Scarborough Marsh was known as Owascoag, the “land of much grass.” To learn more about the marsh, go here. Though we have many field guides in the Library collection that will help you with what you might see in the mash, a fun one with lots of beautiful color photographs is, Marvels in the Muck: life in the salt marshes by Doug Wechsler.  Divided up into the four seasons, readers will learn about this unique and special place many animals, insects, birds, plants and trees call home.

For more suggestions of books, either to identify what you've seen or stories that take place on or near the ocean, you can stop in to the Library, call (883-4723 opt. 3) or email :kids [at]

See you the L-I-B-R-A-R-Y!

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