Dogs who sniff to make your world safe

A dog's nose is crammed with sensitive cells that can sort out thousands of odor messages. Depending on the type of dog, some will have more cells than others. 

According to Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, in her book Super Sniffers, a sheepdog's nose has more than two hundred million nerve cells. A bloodhound has over three hundred million. How does that compare to a human nose? Scientists believe we have somewhere between five and six million. No wonder dogs can smell that stale cookie you forgot was at the bottom of your back pack!

Two new books in our collection are about dogs and how they are used to help in many ways to save us...and our planet.

Super Sniffers: dog detectives on the job by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent explains the hard work, training, and commitment it takes to turn our faithful companions into essential partners both on the job and off.

Nancy F. Castaldo, in her book  
Sniffer Dogs: how dogs (and their
noses) save the world explains the science of sniffing and how dogs use their noses to find everything from people, both alive and dead, to explosives to whale poop.

Both books are have an engaging text and are loaded with color photographs. A must read for dog lovers.

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