Family Storytime

Storytime for children ages 3 and up (though younger siblings are welcome) is now held on Wednesday mornings at 10:30am.

Some books we have shared:

Could a dragon be the perfect pet? Find out in David LaRochelle's The Best Pet of All.

The House in the Woods by Inga Moore has two pigs, Moose, and Bear all working together to build a cozy home. Since they cannot build the house all by themselves, they call on the Beavers to help. Read the story to find out what the Beaver family requested as payment for all their hard work. Hint: it is something yummy to eat.

This week we talked about the changing seasons by reading Leo Lionni's classic tale, Frederick. A field mouse spends the spring, summer and fall observing the world around him so that when winter comes he has something more to share than food. Since it was a rainy day, we all closed our eyes and tried to imagine a hot sun warming us down to our toes. After reading Frederick read a poem about colors and then took time to draw colorful pictures with crayons.

Join us this Wednesday for stories, songs, and an activity.

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