Getting Graphic @ the Scarborough Public Library

Graphic novels are illustrated narratives. They are typically longer and better bound than the comic book magazine, and cover a wide range of topics – not only superheroes-- using a variety of artistic forms. A graphic novel is not just a series of comic strips, but rather a story that can run hundreds of pages or stretch to several volumes. There are those who frown upon children reading them, but, really, a graphic novel is just another way in which to tell a story.

Some popular titles include:

Owly by Andy Runton is wordless and follows a gentle owl, named Owly, as he makes friends and resolves to do good in his world. His trusty companions include Wormy, the worm and Scampy, a chipmunk.

By far one of the most popular graphic novels the The Bone series by Jeff Smith. Join brothers Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone on their adventures.

For those readers who love a good mystery, The Adventures of TinTin by Herge fit the bill. Young Tintin and his dog Snowy travel the world solving some very interesting mysteries.

Other titles that are equally enjoyable include:
Sardine written by Emmanuel Guibert. The adventures of the intrepid Sardine, who travels across the universe meeting cosmic squids, space leeches, talking clouds, and other strange beings.

Advice on school is always welcome, and never more so that with BabyMouse written by Jennifer Holm. BabyMouse is an imaginative mouse who overcomes the many trials and tribulations of elementary school in this charming and very popular series among boys and girls. Equally appealing and brimful of advice is Amelia Rules! by Jimmy Gownley.

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