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Cynthia Lord does it again!

Cynthia Lord is a Maine treasure and don't you let anyone tell you different. Lord's talent lies in her ability to tell a good tale. One of her most-read titles is Rules. Catherine is twelve years old. She longs for friends and a normal existence, but finds life frustrating with an autistic brother. Her feelings become complicated when Catherine develops a close friendship with a young paraplegic.

Yes, ask us!

The fun part of our job in the Youth Services Department is when parents ask us for suggestions of books to read aloud to their children. They are looking for books that have more text than simple picture books do, and for older listeners a book to be read over a few days or weeks is usually more appealing.

Our first step is to conduct a short interview. 1. Have you read other books aloud to your child(ren)? 2. If so, what are some titles your child(ren) have enjoyed? These questions helps us identify your child’s interest and listening ability.

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