Investigating the Nonfiction Section

Being new - I can say this up until January 18, 2012, I am still learning my way around the nonfiction book collection. People often think that this section, the largest in the Children's Room and organized by the Dewey Decimal System, offers few titles for preschool children. But that isn't true. The library has a plethora of books perfect for curious preschoolers on topics ranging from animals and planets to cars and trucks.

What did I find today as I investigated the music section: J782.42?

Singing to children, especially pre-talkers, helps with their language development. Singing helps pass time in the car. Dull chores are more fun if you add a song. My own children would march in circles in the kitchen singing ‘The Eensy Weensy Spider’ while I made breakfast. Their loud, joyous voices did help the oatmeal to cook a little faster.

If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap your Hands, illustrated by James Warhola will get everybody in a happy mood. The colorful, double-page spreads show a mother and her two children enjoying a day at the jungle-themed playground. With each line of the song, the playground structures – various jungle animals - come alive to join in the action. Definitely, not a bedtime story book.

Sticking with a jungle theme, Will Hillenbrand’s version of Down by the Station is a good choice for train enthusiasts. The little train leaves Zebra Station and makes its way past familiar zoo animals until it reaches its final destination, the Children’s Zoo. Full of children frolicking with zoo animal babies. “Puff, puff, Toot, Toot, Off we go..”


There are many other titles to enjoy in the J782.42 section. Stop in and check some out.