New Picture Books at the Library

In Big Brothers Don't Take Naps by Louise Borden, big brother James and younger brother Nicholas are counting the days because something special is coming to there house. Emma Dodd's art style perfectly complements the text.

Melvin and the Boy by Lauren Castillo tells the story of a boy who longs for a pet, but his parents always say, "No!" Then, after a visit to the park he brings home a turtle and names it Melvin. The boy soon realizes that Melvin does not enjoy being captured, so the next day returns the turtle back to his habitat.

Alberto has a problem. All the customers coming to his new restaurant brings a pet! Dogs, cats, bunnies, reptiles, you name it. Read "No Dogs Allowed written by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Kristin Sorra to find out Alberto's solution!

Interested in gardening? Read Yucky Worms by Vivan French to find out lots of facts about one of the most important ingredients in any garden...worms!

In Edwin Speaks Up by April Stevens and Sophie Blackall, Baby Edwin tells his mother where the misplaced object are and helps her with shopping. Only thing is mom doesn't understand Edwin, especially when he reminds her to buy some sugar. "Plopin grouff shooop CAKE sweet No No." A lively story for bedtime.

When a storm comes during the night leaving lots of snow, Jim and Scott are glad, because playing at recess is much more fun when there is snow! Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid.

Other titles too good to miss:
Too Many Dinosaurs by Mercer Mayer
George Flies South by Simon James