We all know that it takes practice to become a good reader. The more a child reads, the more confident they become. For most children the first books they read on their own are picture books that were read aloud to them at home or at school. They often find it easier to decode words from a story that is so familiar they have memorized it. The better a reader knows a story, the easier it is for them to understand the meaning of the words.

Series books offer a consistency of characters and formulaic plots that provides uncertain readers with the reassurance of familiarity. Novice readers find selecting a book intimidating. By sticking with a series it minimizes the risk of feeling frustrated and allows children to select their next book with confidence.

Reading books in a series can be the first step, a jumping off point before moving to more challenging stories.

For more experienced readers, series helps encourage the reading habit.

Stop into the library and pick up our new brochure that list all the series books found at the Scarborough Public Library.