summer reading

Janet's Book Group

If you could have a superpower real or imagined, what would it be? This is just one of the questions that were discussed at our first book group meeting on Friday, July 10th. We are reading a terrific book called Savvy by Ingrid Law.

Hazy, hot and humid.

The sultry days of summer are upon us. When it is too hot to play or do any work, my favorite pastime is watching ants. Really! I find ants endlessly fascinating.

This year, for some reason ants have taken over my yard. I call it, "The Ant Subdivision." I can spend hours watching them rebuild their mounds, carry food and plant matter into their nests. Every once in awhile I'll see them dragging the body of another insect and then the bodies of their fallen comrades. I imagine the dead are a result of some battle that happened on another part of the yard, far from my curious eyes.

Summer Reading

Things continue to be crazy, busy here in the Youth Services Department. Children are in every day we are open to have their Reading Logs stamped, then putting a sticker with their name on it for the Wall of Fame.

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