Time to...

As the length of daylight grows longer there are some subtle changes. “How Do You Know It’s Spring?” by Allan Fowler is a small book for young readers that describes the characteristics of Spring.
Time is already elusive for young children, and things can become confusing when Daylight Savings begins March 2. The saying, “Fall back, Spring ahead” is a good reminder that when we awaken Sunday, March 13, we will have lost one hour.
My First Book of Time by Claire Llewellyn explains how to tell time and discusses such aspects of time as day and night, days of the week, and months of the year. The book includes a fold-out clock with movable hands!
For older children who love to be more involved in their learning, Time, in the Make It Work series is a hands-on approach to science. Though suggested equipment is dated, (video instead of digital), the experiments are terrific. Learn about the solar year, time zones, or make a time capsule.

Come into the library. We would be happy to show you other books on Time, the Seasons, and many other related topics.