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From the stacks

 Sharing poems with your child helps children develop a love of language. Read more...

Celebrate National Poetry Month during April

Douglas Florian is just one of my favorite poets. His poems are witty and he frequently uses the natural world as his subject.

What we are reading in our Book Group at Wentworth

Every Wednesday since January, Barbara Merritt, Scarborough School District head librarian for grades K-8, and I have co-hosted a book club held at Wentworth during lunch recess. The book clubs run 5 weeks and so far we've worked with 4th graders and today was our last time for grade 3.

St. Patrick's Day!

Are you looking for some books to introduce St. Patrick's Day to children?

In her straight forward approach, Gail Gibbons, in St. Patrick's Day, retells the life of St. Patrick and offers facts about how St. Patrick's Day is celebrated today.

Signs of Spring

Sharing signs of spring with your child is very fun. Taking walks around your house or neighborhood is a great way to witness all the subtle changes taking place. Encourage children to monitor the changes by regularly visiting a specific area. Keep a notebook or make a little book and have your budding artist draw what they see!

Here are some of the changes that I've witnessed.


Because of more snow - is anyone else getting tired of all this white stuff? - the Readers Theater Performance scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. We do not want anyone driving in the storm.

We hope to offer it some other time. Keep looking back!

School Vacation Week!

Do you need something to do this week with more snow predicted and travel looking a bit treacherous? . Stop by the Library for some fun!

Print books are the best way to learn

Since 2011, professionals have been telling parents the importance of limiting screen time to their children.