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Best Children's Books of 2013

Here are links to sites that list the best of 2013 for kids and teens.

New picture books!

One of the most exciting things about working in a library is days when new books arrive!

Celebrate the Sox with some good books!

It’s no secret that the Red Sox won the World Series, why not celebrate by picking up some great Red Sox books at the library? We have several that cover different topics related to the Sox: famous players, kids’ experiences at games, and even a Fenway  alphabet!

ABC at the Library

The selection of alphabet books available has really changed since I was young. I remember alphabet books with simple illustrations and one or two words about a subject—“A is for Apple” “B is for Bumblebee.”  We have a great collection of creative and exciting alphabet books that explore the topic from a variety of angles.

If you loved Ivy & Bean, try these...

Moving from beginning readers into longer chapter books is exciting, but finding books that appeal to your child, especially boys, without overwhelming them can be a challenge. Then you find books your child LOVES, but that author just doesn’t keep up with your child’s voracious reading appetite. I’m thinking about the Ivy & Bean series. One can read ten books pretty quickly. Fortunately, we can introduce some equally engaging stories. Unfortunately, they are written for girls, not boys. I don’t understand why publishers seem to think girls read more than boys.

Some of my favorite stories

Robert Bright was inspired to write his Georgie the Ghost series after he caught his children peering under their bed looking for a ghost.