China & the Arctic

Matt Ward, retired Foreign Service Officer and Scarborough resident, will discuss China’s specific interests in the Arctic beginning with China’s ratification of the Svalbard Treaty in 1925 up to its current  scientific research, trade, and shipping routes. After his presentation, Matt will set aside time to answer specific questions from members of the audience. 

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Matt Ward is a retired Foreign Service Officer.  His thirty-year diplomatic career focused on East Asia and trade and development issues.  Matt served in China (including Taiwan), Cambodia, Haiti, Iran, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Sudan Thailand and Vietnam.  He pioneered the refugee processing system for “boat people” arriving on the shores of Indonesia and Singapore.

Ward’s expertise earned him a position in both the Bush and Clinton administrations, where he served as Director for European Economies in Transition. This office oversaw trade relations with the new nation-states that manifested after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. In addition, Ward has served on numerous councils, boards, committees, and associations.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - 6:30pm