The Scarborough Public Library offers a variety of courses designed to help patrons learn more about technology and enhance their digital literacy.  In-person digital literacy courses are taught by library staff and developed with specific patron needs in mind.

Digital literacy is the ability to use technology tools to find, understand, evaluate, create, and communicate information. Someone who has good digital literacy is able to find high-quality information online; make decisions about what digital tools and programs are right for the job; and use specific digital tools like email, word processing programs, presentation software, videoconferencing or social media to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.  

In addition to in-person classes, there are also a variety of online learning opportunities accessible through the library on more advanced topics ranging from specific software programs like Microsoft's Excel, to website design, to coding specific programming languages. Visit our Learning Opportunities page to learn more.  

The library is also proud to partner with the National Digital Equity Center (NDEC) to offer free digital literacy classes for our community. NDEC strives to provide valuable, hands-on experience to empower you with the digital tools you need to navigate today’s world. You can explore NDEC's course offerings on their website. Occasionally, NDEC courses will be presented via Zoom in the Library’s Meeting Room. Library computers will be available when required by the course content.

Any questions about classes, registration, or enrollment? Call the Reference Desk at 883-4723 option 4 or email

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Upcoming Events

  • 08 Apr 10:00am

    Take a deep dive into using Cloud Library—a statewide collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks and our newest service Libby—an eBook platform that works with Kindle Paperwhites in addition to Android and Apple devices and computers.

  • 09 Apr 11:30am

    Learn how to request materials in the  Minerva and MaineCat catalogs. Explore the Library’s website and discover how sign up for events and booklists.

    Registration is required. Bring your own device or we will have computers and borrowable tablets to use.


  • 11 Apr 11:30am

    Want to rest your eyes but continue to be inspired by great storytelling? Listening to audiobooks and podcasts is a fabulous way to engage with content hands-free, allowing you to simply sit back and listen, or busy your hands with other tasks while still attending to a book or podcasts.  

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