Minimalism for Well-Being: Simplifying All Facets of Your Life

Minimalism for Well-Being

Marie A. Laverriere, DMin, MA, MSW, practices minimalism* and purposefully lives a simplified life.  She moved out of an 800 square foot apartment into a 293 square foot cottage right across the street from the ocean in Scarborough, ME steps away from a sandy beach where she walks daily with her friend.  She has a private practice as a mental health therapist (LCSW) and since Covid-19 has been working out of her tiny cottage doing Telehealth (meeting clients virtually for mental health sessions).  Sometimes she incorporates some of the tools from her books when working with clients who have anxiety and depression.  Simplifying one’s life can be a wonderful tool for finding peace. 

            As a young child, Marie imagined a tiny cottage in her parents’ backyard, filled with only the things she needed.  It had two front windows with flower boxes.  Fifty-three years later she found her tiny cottage, where she has been living for the past two years.

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Marie makes time to do what she enjoys—such as writing. She published two books in 2021 on Amazon, the first one is Minimalism for Well-Being: A Guide to Simplifying All Facets of Your Life and the second one is A Journey to Authenticity: Finding Freedom, Peace & Joy. Marie has a passion for creating and offering workshops on self-care, simplifying one’s life as well as embracing the process in discovering meaning in one’s life.  Her website has more information on her books and trainings  Marie enjoys photography; she created a greeting card line using her photographs.  She also enjoys to travels with her friend to warmer climates during Maine’s cold months.

* The practice of minimalism is personal and everyone does it differently.



Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 6:30pm