Solar Panels and EV Charging Station

Will the solar panels provide all the electricity for the library?

The rooftop system is 26.23 kilowatts, with a production estimate of 30,029 kilowatt hours/year. This is roughly 20% of the library’s annual load. Rooftop PV panels will reduce 31,500 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.

The charging station is 1.22 kilowatts, with a production of 1,300 kilowatt hours/year. When not being used to charge vehicles, the electricity from the station can be used by the library. This will reduce an additional 1,350 pounds of CO2 annually, for a combined reduction of 32,850 pounds of CO2.

Who paid for the panels and EV Charging Station?

The solar panels were primarily paid for through town appropriation (i.e., Scarborough tax payers). However, we're not really paying for the panels, but rather the electricity created by the panels. This is part of our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) whereby we pay Revision Energy a set price for the electricity generated by the panels for the first 7 years. After that time we could either buy the panels outright (at an already agreed to amortized price) or continue paying Revision for the electricity. We'll evaluate the economics and viability of each choice at that time.

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