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Scarborough Public Library offers access to online language learning; hosts weekly in-person English Language Learning (ELL) classes in cooperation with the Scarborough Adult Learning Center; and can help you borrow non-English books from other Maine libraries with larger collections. As a medium sized library, we don't have room for many print books in languages other than English, but we can get them easily in about a week in most cases.

Learn more about each of these services below.


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Accessibility Tools

While on our library's website you can open a set of accessibility tools by clicking the green logo that appears in the bottom-left of every page. This set of tools includes translation services for over 100 languages.

Please note that these tools don't carry over to other sites we link to (such as our online catalog). It's just for translating pages on this website, including this page. Try it!

Online language learning

Portland Public Library provides access to Mango Languages, another language learning platform. Learn more about getting a Portland Public Library card below.


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Find non-English books from larger libraries

The nearby Portland Public Library (PPL) is the best source in Maine for finding books written in languages other than English. Scarbough residents may receive a free Portland Public Library card and can even apply for one while here at the Scarborough Public Library.

We can also help with searching their online catalog to discover what books they may have available in a particular language and request they be delivered to our library for pick-up.

Luckily, their online catalog makes it possible to search for all books written in a certain language by using their advanced search. Click here to start a search where you can limit your results by language.





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ELL instruction at the library

Scarborough Adult Learning Center staff will host a FREE learning lab for ELL students in partnership with the Scarborough Public Library. 

Instruction will focus on improving skills in English as well as achieving personal language goals. 

Contact Marianne Doyle FMI mdoyle@scarboroughschools.org or (207) 730-5045.

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The discounted price for a personal Value Line subscription is $198.00 annually. They don't offer a monthly option.