Policies on library behavior

Scarborough Public Library Rules Related to Library Behavior

We desire to maintain a quiet space where library patrons may read, study, and otherwise use the library without disturbance.

Therefore, no patron will engage in behaviors prohibited by the Scarborough Public Library Rules Related to Library Behavior which have been approved by the Library Board of Trustees.

The library staff will enforce these rules to help ensure that all individuals can use and enjoy the Library.

While in the Library or on Library property, no person shall:

  1. Consume alcoholic beverages, smoke, vape or eat anywhere in public areas. Beverages may be consumed from securely capped beverage containers—except that no beverages are allowed at any public access computer or catalog lookup. Food and drink are permitted in the meeting room during authorized functions.
  2. Be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or engage in any substance abuse;
  3. Engage in disruptive communication on a cell phone or similar device;
  4. Take photographs of any individual(s) without the individual’s prior permission;
  5. Damage, deface or misuse Library materials or facilities;
  6. Improperly remove Library materials or equipment;
  7. Engage in loud or boisterous conduct, or physical intimacy;
  8. Enter or remain in the building outside of public service hours or without permission, or enter non-public areas;
  9. Interfere with other Library patrons or staff through poor personal hygiene;
  10. Sleep in the Library;
  11. Bring animals into the Library, except those required for personal assistance or which are part of Library programming;
  12. Engage in conduct that interferes with use or enjoyment of the Library by others;
  13. Engage in conduct that disrupts Library programs;
  14. Use any Library materials or facility for purposes other than those for which such materials or facility are intended;
  15. Engage in abusive language or abusive behavior toward other patrons or Library staff;
  16. Violate any state or local law or ordinance while in the Library or on Library grounds;
  17. Solicit for any reason except as permitted by the Board of Trustees.

Library policy does not prohibit quiet conversation between patrons and/or staff or conversations required to carry on library programs or business.

Amended: June 17, 2004
Amended: February 19, 2009
Amended: January 19, 2017

Use of Cell Phones Policy

The Scarborough Public Library provides an environment conducive to study and welcoming to all users. Therefore, the use of cell phones and similar wireless communication devices is not permitted within the Scarborough Public Library by the public or staff, except in designated areas:

  1. Lobby area near public telephone;
  2. Staff break area;
  3. Meeting Room (groups using the meeting room may set their own guidelines): and,
  4. Any area outside the building.

Inappropriate use of such devices is considered disruptive behavior. This policy will be enforced under the Library’s Rules Related to Library Behavior Guidelines

Adopted: June 17, 2004

Rules Related to Library Behavior revised: June 17, 2004; Amended 2/19/2009
Policy Statement Regarding Appropriate Library Behavior 10/1990