Policy on Non-Resident Library Privileges

A non-resident is one who does not own or rent property on a permanent year-round basis in Scarborough, nor is employed by a Scarborough business, nor attends a Scarborough School.

The non-resident, after providing acceptable verification of current address, may purchase a 12-month non-resident card.

A temporary resident is one who does not own or rent property in Scarborough on a permanent year-round basis, but maintains a temporary domicile in Scarborough.

From June until Labor Day, the temporary resident may purchase either a non-renewable Summer Pass or a 12-month Non-resident Borrower’s card. Verification of a current Scarborough street address and additional acceptable identification is required.

Upon providing acceptable identification and payment of a usage fee, the library will issue a borrower’s card. This card entitles the signer and family to full library privileges and indicates agreement to obey all of the rules and regulations of the library.

The fee for such cards shall be determined by the Board of Trustees.


Approved 05/25/2006; Amended 02/18/2010