Comics Plus

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Digital comics, graphic novels and manga

Comics Plus is a digital platform offering thousands of digital comics, graphic novels and manga.  


Popular titles such as Big Nate, Zombie Kid Diaries, Star Trek Voyager, and various Minecraft adventures.

You can access the content through a browser or, for a better reading experience, an app.

These don't need to be "checked out" and are always available. This does mean that for many of the titles your computer or device needs to be connected to the internet to "stream" the service. However, some titles can still be downloaded for offline viewing.

Next Steps:

To access through a browser:

  • Go to the ComicsPlus Website,
  • Search for Scarborough Public Library, and
  • Enter the 14-digit barcode from your library card

To access through an app, the first time you open the app you will:

  • Search for Scarborough Public Library,
  • Click on the green button to "Log in with Library Card/ID,
  • Enter your 14-digit barcode in the first box, and
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your library barcode as you PIN
Access Options

Access through a browser or on an Android and Apple app.

Available on App Store       Get it on Google Play


Value Line value

The discounted price for a personal Value Line subscription is $198.00 annually. They don't offer a monthly option.